Caring for your Portraits – The Effects of Glass Cleaner

Handle with Care

Spraying a Glass Cleaner directly onto your framed portrait will result in it’s ruin.

If you have one of our Custom Framed Portraits  or a Framed Gift Portraits with glass, please take a moment to read how to clean.

Your portraits should only need to be dusted with a clean, soft cloth – free of any chemicals.

If there are finger prints or build up of who knows what from over the years, first try wiping with a clean cloth.  Maybe a little elbow grease is needed, remember to be careful not to push too hard on the glass.

As a last resort, take a soft cloth and spray a tiny bit of glass cleaner directly on the cloth.  Let me repeat: Spray the glass cleaner directly on to the cloth. Wipe and clean as needed, then immediately use a second clean cloth to dry.  Be very careful of getting the glass cleaner too close to the edges.

Never spray a glass cleaner directly on to the glass and then wipe.  What can happen is the glass cleaner will find it’s way behind the glass and onto the emulsion of your portrait.

Don’t tempt fate, as I once did.  I even knew better, but thought I could out run the liquid.

Check out the portrait below….this did not happen over night of me spraying the glass cleaner, but over time, you can see the effects.  The chemicals from the glass cleaner have deteriorated the emulsion of the photograph.  Ruined and no way to salvage  it.

Glass Cleaner Ruined this Portrait

Glass Cleaner Ruined this Portrait

This is a personal portrait I created of my Grandfather, just a month before he passed.  I was in college at the time, back in the good ol’ film days, and hand printed this portrait.  Luckily, I have the original negative tucked away somewhere and it can be reprinted.  Until the negative is located, I can’t seem to throw this portrait away – I just keep it tucked away on a shelf .  I love to pull it out, look at it and remember my Grandfather.

Below you can find some more information on Caring for your Portraits.  I hope you find this helpful in caring and preserving your precious memories!

How to Care for your Portraits

How to Care for your Portraits


Have a question about caring for your Portraits – please don’t make my mistake.  Give me a call @ 512-563-6209.

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