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Heirloom Artwork: Finish, Framed & Admired

Heirloom Artwork: Finished, Framed & Admired Showcase your Portraits and Enjoy them Everyday I know the trend with Photography for a while now is to have your portraits taken and be provided with a disk of the images.  Then what? Chances are your images will sit on your computer, be forgotten and never printed.  Even I’m guilty of forgetting to print our snapshots and vacation photos.  We all lead busy lives. The reason we have portraits taken is to remember and cherish a milestoneView full post »

Our latest Senior Portrait Album from Graphistudio

Our Latest &  Favorite Senior Albums High School Seniors deserve a fabulous Album to commemorate this special milestone in their lives. A special milestone in our lives is High School Graduation.  The celebration of completing 18 years of school and accomplishments and the turning point of becoming an adult. Graduation is one of those unforgettable moments, full of excitement and pride.  The  stepping stone of the ending of one of life’s captures to the beginning ofView full post »

Caring for your portraits

Handle with Care Your photographs are a piece of art.  Remember to handle them as one. Our Fine Art Canvas Wraps have a gel coating added to protect the canvas. To clean, simple wipe with a soft cloth free of chemicals. 1.  Handle the photographs by the edges, never touch the emulsion (surface).  The oils from your fingertips can erode the surface of your photograph over time.  2.  If you happen to leave fingerprints on the portraits, or when you need to dust,  gently wipe with a soft,View full post »

Finding Inspiration to Customize your Portraits

Finding Inspiration to Customize your Portraits by Maggie Messer Photography Design Consultations When a client commissions me to create their portraits, I will always begin with a Design Consultation. Inspiration is everywhere, if you just stop to look around.  Your furniture &  home decor  is an easy way to determine your style.  Accent pieces, fabrics, & textures all give us clues to what you love and help direct you to a portrait style. Adding color, might come from a piece of artView full post »

Location Portraits – Selecting a Personal Place

Location Portraits Selecting a location that personal to your family. Creating Portraits at your home becomes even more personalized and meaningful. A Portrait, of course, means to portray.  When we are designing a portrait session on location, I always recommend selecting one that is meaningful and will add value to your portraits.  Maybe it is where you got engaged, or a favorite park you spend lots of time together.  A family ranch or farm is always a favorite or maybe your weekend home.  IView full post »

Ages & Stages: 2 year milestone Portraits

Ages & Stages:  2 year milestone portraits by Maggie Messer Photography { Lago Vista, TX} Creating Milestone Portraits during a child’s ever changing Ages & Stages. Having your child’s portrait taken at age 2 is another great milestone to be sure to capture.  They have changed and developed so much since their One Year portraits! Milestone Portrait @ age 2, Maggie Messer Photography creating fine art portraits of your little one. By 2 years, a child is interacting &View full post »

>Local Photographer’s Work Goes to International Exhibition

> For Immediate Release July 6, 2009 Local Photographer’s Work Goes to International Exhibition Two Prints created by Maggie Messer of Maggie Messer Photography in Leander, Texas has recently been accepted into the GENERAL Collection and LOAN Collection of the 2009 International Print Competition. Messer’s work will be on display at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, January 10-12, 2009, in Nashville, Tenn. This exhibition is held in conjunction with Imaging USA, anView full post »